Touch Photos & Make Video Calls

QsCalendar makes it reality

Think different & make it easy

Everyone uses name to access contact information in the address book.

QsCalendar uses the birth month to access contact information in the address book very easily. 

Touch the month selector in QsCalendar makes it awesome easy!

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The technologies of  QsCalendar: 

QsCalendar integrates Apple Contacts app

The advanced features implemented in QsCalendar makes it very easy to show contacts with the photos.

Just touch the contact photos for FaceTime video calls, phone calls or iMessages. 

QsCalendar supports WhatsApp voice and video calls.

QsCalendar takes advantage of the Apple Contacts technology and the iCloud infrastructure. 

QsCalendar is designed for more than 500 million users worldwide!

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The features of QsCalendar:

QsCalendar shows the Contacts according to birthdays automatically.

QsCalendar is integrated for FaceTime video calls, phone calls, iMessages, e-mails, maps and edit contacts.

QsCalendar is designed to connect you easily with your friends and family.

How to use this photo album address book?

Just Touch It!

Keyboard is only needed when edit contact.

Touch Month:

To show Contacts according to the birth month from January to December.

It's truly an awesome photo album address book.

Touch Year:

For birthdays next year.

It's easy to calculate.

Touch Photo:

Make video calls and more

Connected directly.

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Other features:

The contacts are synchronised automatically, both between QsCalendar and Apple Contacts app, and between own iOS devices.

QsCalendar selects automatically all contacts which have birthday date from Apple Contacts app.

The birth year is optional. The birth day and birth month of contacts are required and all works automatically.

Easy and directly with Today!

Show most beautiful flowers.

Show the day of the week.

Show birthdays for Today and This Week with color.

Touch photo for WhatsApp video call or FaceTime! 

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Why QsCalendar?

QsCalendar is an awesome photo album of the address book you have ever seen before.

QsCalendar uses photos to access contacts information and to connect directly with touch.

It's natural, simple and practical!

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  How to use QsCalendar?