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The modern apps 

with advanced technology

and powerful inventions

to manage contacts very easily,

to view information timely,

created for AppleWatch, 

iPhone, iPad and Mac-M.

What's Wbirthdays?

The app for Apple Watch

to view birthdays timely.

Access from Watch Face directly.

Show the indicator for birthday.

Time countdown: 

Birthdays within 24 hours.


Day countdown:

 Countdown number of days 

for all birthdays.

Show awesome lists dynamically.

Download Wbirthdays

Start App Store app on Apple Watch,

Download: Wbirthdays.

Download via iPhone paired with Apple Watch.


What's QsCalendar?

The app to manage contacts very easily. 

Show birthdays with colorful animations.

QsCalendar is the one and only app,

which uses Date Selectors to drive the UI.


Touch the Month Selector 

for all birthdays of the month.

Show search results with contact photos.

Touch a photo to manage the contact details,

make phone calls, video calls, 

send iMessages, 

& much more

Great design, 

Pixel precision, 

Enriched with animations,

Super fast, Accurate & enjoyable.

The unique app with awesome technology!

* * * * *


Look at this yellow pixel:

the Sun with the rotating Earth.

This picture:

the Sun and more than

100 billion stars in the galaxy.

Everything is rotating periodically.

The Sun with its planets (Year),

the planet with its moon (Month),

the rotating planet (Day).

QsCalendar makes it awesome easily.

The selectors are Month, Day and Year.

Touch the Year selector to calculate

birthdays for the coming years.

Touch the Month selector to show

all birthdays of the month.

Directly to connect: 

Touch photo for video calls.

Awesome QsCalendar!