What's QsCalendar?

The modern app to manage contacts 

with powerful inventions.

Designed for iPhone, iPad and Mac-M.

QsCalendar is unique.

QsCalendar is the one and only app,

which uses Date Selectors to drive the UI.

It is an invention.

With advanced algorithms implemented 

in the Date Selectors,

touch the Date Selectors to select information.


* * * * *

Digital Birthday Calendar

The Date Selectors of QsCalendar are interactive.

Touch the Month Selector to group contacts 

with birth month.

 The Month Calendar.

Touch the Year Selector to calculate information.

The interface shows contact photos.

The photos are interactive.

Touch a photo to manage the contact details,

make phone calls, video calls, 

send iMessages, 

& much more

* * * * *

Photo Address Book

The contact search of app manages all contacts.

It presents the search results with contact photo.

Make search enjoyable.

It groups recents at the top automatically.

Directly & Easily to access.

Support adding birthday for contact very easily,

for contacts indicated with blue coloured name.

Great design, 

Pixel precision, 

Enriched with animations,

Super fast, Accurate & enjoyable.

The unique app with awesome technology.


About The Inventor

Master Of Science In Electronics, Telecommunication, Data Communication, Software Systems & More Than 20 Years Experiences In Advanced Technologies.